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L’hévana is the name of the residence under the Pierre & Vacances premium brand

This Project is in development and subject to change. The final project will be the one presented at the stage of the signature of the authentic deed of sale in the future state of completion. The services proposed can be subject to a fee charged by the service provider of the Group and vary from one Residence to another. The lease between the owner and the operator is a lease of a commercial nature subject, to this end, to the provisions of Articles L.145-1 to L.145-60 of the French Commercial Code. The lessor may refuse the renewal of the lease concluded with the operator of the residence of Tourism. However, in this case and except as provided for in Articles L. 145-17 et seq. of the French Commercial Code, the lessor will have to pay the operator a so-called eviction indemnity equal to the damage caused by the renewal failure. The methods of calculating this indemnity are set in the second paragraph of Article L. 145-14 referred to above.

Developer : SNC MERIBEL RAVINES PREMIUM, having its registered office at l’Artois – Espace Pont de Flandre – 11 rue de Cambrai – 75947 PARIS CEDEX 19, with capital of 15 250 Euros, enrolled in the Paris Trade Register under number 501 708 929 RCS. Subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances Development SA Company, itself subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances Center-Parcs Group, particularly in charge for the development and construction of the residences of Tourism in France.

Operator : PV RESIDENCES & RESORTS France SAS, having its registered office at l’Artois – Espace Pont de Flandre – 11 rue de Cambrai – 75947 PARIS CEDEX 19, with capital of 89 527 250 Euros, enrolled in the Paris Trade Register under number 508 321 155.

Commitments towards the purchaser : leasehold for a firm and final period of 10 full years without the possibility of triennial termination in accordance with article L145-7-1 of the French Commercial Code.



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