The sauna: nothing but benefits for you

Did you know that l’hevanas high–end holiday apartments also feature a private sauna?

A new definition of pampering

These upscale residences propose a huge array of luxury apartments in their catalogue. This private accommodation is comprised of two or three rooms, each fully-equipped with the latest technology and situated in an exclusive location. They also have a top of the range private sauna for those who wish to use it without worrying about the time of day.

The numerous health benefits

The sauna provides health benefits for the mind, body and soul by allowing you to find a balance. This is done by improving your blood circulation and relieving tension, migraines and pain linked to stress. The sauna also works by opening  the pores of your skin and eliminating the toxins.

Alternating between hot and cold is beneficial as it forces the immune system to best prepare for the extremely low temperatures up in the mountains, especially during the winter season.

That is to say, if you are craving pampering or simply wanting some warmth after a cold, tiring day on the slopes – the sauna will be there.