The scarcity of land in the mountains: an exceptional property enjoying a unique location

The scarcity of land in the mountains: an exceptional property enjoying a unique location

Méribel, nestled in the vibrant heart of the French Alps, is a prime destination for those seeking to blend luxury, comfort, and adventure in an exceptional mountain setting. Our residence, located at the core of this breathtaking region, offers an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary.

The Three Valleys: A Spectacular Alpine Setting

Altitude and Snowfall: A Paradise for Ski Enthusiasts

The Three Valleys region, home to Méribel, stands out for its high altitude, ranging from 1300 m to 3230 m. This characteristic ensures superior snow quality, extending the winter season for skiers' delight. With 85% of its ski area situated above 1800 m, Méribel guarantees ideal skiing conditions, thus offering an exceptional sliding experience.

A Breathtaking Ski Area

Méribel, at the heart of the Three Valleys, offers a vast and varied ski area, suitable for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you will find slopes that meet your expectations, ranging from gentle forest descents to challenging black runs.

Méribel’s Exclusivity: More Than Just a Stay

Limited Land Offer: Assured Exclusivity

Méribel is distinguished by its limited land offer, giving the region an exclusive and preserved character. This scarcity of mountain land makes Méribel an exceptional place, perfect for those looking to invest in a unique property.

High-End Services for Optimal Comfort

Our residence in Méribel reflects the elegance and luxury of the resort. After a day of skiing or hiking, rest in unparalleled comfort. Our high-end services, including a spa, a pool, and a gourmet restaurant, are at your disposal for absolute relaxation and well-being.

L’Ivanema: An Exceptional Investment in Méribel

Prestigious Apartments at the Foot of the Slopes

L'Ivanema, in the heart of Méribel, offers prestigious apartments with bright spaces and generous volumes. Each apartment, designed to maximize comfort and luxury, represents a unique investment opportunity.

A Unique Living Environment

Investing in L'Ivanema means choosing a unique living environment. Enjoy direct access to the slopes, breathtaking mountain views, and absolute tranquility. L'Ivanema is more than a residence; it's a haven of peace in the heart of the Alps.


Méribel, with its natural beauty, world-renowned ski area, and exceptional services, offers a unique alpine experience. L'Ivanema, at the center of this experience, is the ideal place for those looking to invest in a prestigious property in the French Alps.

graph TD A[Méribel: An Alpine Experience] --> B[Three Valleys: Ski Area] B --> C[Altitude and Snowfall] B --> D[Variety of Slopes] A --> E[Méribel's Exclusivity] E --> F[Limited Land Offer] E --> G[High-End Services] A --> H[Ivanema: Exceptional Investment] H --> I[Prestigious Apartments] H --> J[Unique Living Environment]

This diagram illustrates the structure and key assets of Méribel and L'Ivanema, highlighting the uniqueness and value of the experience offered in this exceptional region.

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