A responsible investment

When you invest in a Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs property, you make a strategic investment in a luxury residence with a committed partner.  The Group’s concept of combining real estate development with tourism has successfully implemented a deep-rooted commitment to sustainable development.

A visionary group

When choosing a site, the Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs group takes into account the natural environment and the impact of building a new development on its surroundings. The new development is therefore adapted to the climactic and environmental conditions of the area. In 2014, 100% of accommodation was certified as ‘sustainable development’ (BBC, THPE, HQE). Furthermore, the green project ‘Charte de Chantier Vert established by the Group forces manufacturers to recycle their waste. L’hévana does this by using local materials to create a sense of harmony with its environmental surroundings.

Today, 30% of operating facilities have an environmental certificate where 100% of the site is certified ISO14000. The sustainable commitment of the 4 Pierre and Vacances – Center Parcs domains has been recognized and it is now labeled.

The 6 main objectives of the Pierre & Vacances – Center Parcs Group

  • To develop a responsible employment policy.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of the Group’s sites.
  • To maintain a sustainable development performance on a daily basis.
  • To create sustainable tourism experiences.
  • To become a long-term partner.
  • To value and preserve the natural capital of operating sites.

When you invest in a l’hévana property, you can be confident that you are making a wise investment.